RTS Monton at 2016 Tour of Hainan

2nd overall in team classification!

Tour of Hainan Race Details
Region: Hainan Province, China
Local Name: 环海南岛国际公路自行车赛 (Chinese)
Discipline: Road
Competition: UCI Asia Tour 2.HC
2016 Racing Days: 2016/10/22-2016/10/30
Overall Race Distance: 1506.7KM
Start/Finish Point: Wanning Xinglong Criterium, Hainan
Official Website: http://www.tourofhainan.com/en/

The Tour of Hainan 2016 consists of nine stages and is part of the UCI Asia Tour ranging from 10/22 to 10/30. To ensure the quality of the race, the committee have chosen 20 teams among more than
60 team applications. Among the 20 teams, there are 3 UCI World Teams, 7 UCI Professional Continental Teams, 8 UCI Continental Teams, 1 National Team and 1 Regional Team. The teams could be found at http://www.tourofhainan.com/en/team/